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This year, Bikers For Ta-Tas is excited to announce 

the inclusion of some great live bands to our lineup!

After the charity ride, stick around for a night of rockin'

for a great cause!

Set your clocks back to 1985 and let Decade of Decadence

bring you back to when Whitesnake and Motley Crue ruled the Airwaves!! D.O.D. pays homage to the MUSIC of the Hair Metal era. Just the perfect lineup of Rockers, who grew up in the 80's, to keep you UP ALL NIGHT, dancing and singing to the biggest and best songs from the 80's Hair Band Era!!!

Come on and take a ride down Memory Lane,
where the Down Boys go!



The unHandsome Devils are not just a bunch of pretty faces. They are faces that show years of musical confidence. The band boasts some of Central Illinois finest talents in the musical arts and performance. Yes, they are a Rock and Roll band and aren't afraid to show it. But, they are all very diverse musicians

as well and that certainly shows in the music that they cover.

The Sadistic Cowboys current line up started about 1 yr ago.

We have had the opportunity to open for acts like Black Oak Arkansas and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Playing live is what we live for. Well over 100yrs of stage experience in our 5 pc band.


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