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About Us

Founded in 2008, Bikers for Ta-Tas is a committee-steered not-for-profit organization

highlighted by a fund-raising motorcycle run for Breast Cancer.


Nancy Borum and friends got together for a ride to benefit a Breast Cancer cause. She had seen a grandmother and an aunt die from breast cancer. Her mother was a breast cancer survivor and it had hit her family again in 2010 when her sister was diagnosed with the disease. Determined to help her sister and others fight the disease, Nancy created an annual fundraiser. Her mother was a 14-year survivor and her sister is celebrating 11 years cancer free!

Greg & Nancy Borum
Founder and Principal
Betsy Fannin
Survivor/ Board Member
Rod Doran
Board Member
Pam Wilson
Board Member
Adam Sterling 
Board Member
Jeff & Sheri Laws
Board Members
Joey & Lisa Wright
Board Members
Jim & Caroline Booth
Board Members
Alex & Kelly Alexander
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