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Lori Rudd

Breast Cancer Survivor

" goes...wwwaaaaayyyy back 20 years ago I was taking a shower and came across a large lump in my was located in the upper right side of my breast and I have no idea how I hadn't felt it before because it was over 3 inches long (as we came to know after it was removed).  I was 31 years old with 3 young kids and a husband of 7 years. 


I was sick to my stomach and in disbelief as I called the doctor to get an appointment.  He got me in pretty quick and there I had my very first mammogram.  The technician was a friend of my aunt and didn't look happy when we were done.  She told me I would probably need to have a biopsy but she couldn't tell me anything...I asked to get one right then as I started to panic...I had a biopsy 20 minutes later...that was a Friday.  Saturday morning I received the got me...I dropped to my knees and howled from the bottom of my soul.  1 week later I had a lumpectomy and an oophorectomy (yay no more period!) to remove my ovaries because the tumor was estrogen fed.  4 rounds of chemo and 6 shots of radiation later they said I was cancer free!

They were right...for 8 years.   The kids were older, the husband was gone, the income was much less, and they found another "spot".  My dad was with me as the Komen Foundation counselor called me into "the room" everyone dreads.  I knew then what was up.  This time I just dropped my forehead to the table and shook my head in disbelief.  How could I put my kids through this again?  How could I put my family and friends through this again?  How was I going to pay for this crap again?  Would my hairdresser (Kris Haas) shave my head again for free before it fell out?  Should we go for a pink mohawk?

I decided on a full mastectomy to take those biotches off. Reconstruction

would happen the same time as the removal and recovery would be at least 4-6 weeks.  I almost died by bleeding out a couple days after the I was in the hospital longer than expected.  We also had to go through 4 more rounds of chemo.  Mom and Dad took turns every day staying with me, feeding me, bathing me, looking after the kids...and so many others helped with meals and cleaning and FUNDRAISING (Kim Cooley) to keep the lights on.  We needed to have a big benefit and my family and friends produced a HUGE turnout...Nancy and Greg Borum offered to have a bike benefit.  Guess what that happened to turn out to be?  Yep...Bikers for Ta-Tas!  I was the first beneficiary!  I can't thank everyone enough, there are just no words to say how much they helped me.

I don't know how I would have made it without all the unselfish help I received during the hardest time of my life.  I am blessed."

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